This is the official site of Nicky Singer, whose books for children and young adults include the Blue Peter Award winning novel Feather Boy.

In Feather Boy the central character, Robert, finally wakes up to the fact that he doesn’t have to accept other people’s descriptions of himself, he can actually open his mouth and talk from the inside of his own soul. I guess that’s a little like what I’m doing here.

So – hello and WELCOME.





Guardian reviews The Flask

Thrilled with Linda Buckley-Archer’s review of The Flask in the Guardian. She calls the book:  a nourishing and uplifting story, with big themes and a big heart. To read the full review click here

Island (Theatre)

Check out Island - my new play at the National Theatre (Cottesloe 2012). It's about ice-bears and ways of knowing. 'Compelling, moving drama.' The Independent. Continue reading

The Flask

My new novel The Flask - is out now! It's about songs and souls and things which live in bottles... Continue reading